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Inventor Professional 2013 Finite Element Analysis Tutorials Training Course on DVD

Inventor 2013 FEA course on dvdOur training DVD for Inventor Professional 2013 - FEA software will show you how to analyze both simple and complex assemblies as you explore the intermediate and  advanced features of this software.  Learn to approximate the stress and strain when working with intricate models.

With more than 2 hours of training on 48 separate lessons, your instructor will take you step-by-step through the essentials and advanced analysis aspects of Inventor 2013 - FEA program. The project files included allow you to open them using your own software to recreate what your instructor has worked on. The experience and skills you obtain from our training tutorials will help you design, visualize and simulate your products before they are even built. When you learn to work with Inventor Professional 2013 FEA, you will see how it can assist in designing your product to work the way it was intended.

FEA or Finite Element Analysis allows you to determine how a product will react to specific physical effects, such as heat, vibration and other real world forces, so you can know in advance whether a product will work the way it was designed to while in the development stage. By precise mathematical equations, the behavior of each element can be predicted, which in turn can help you determine if the item will wear out or break, or work how you planned.

Inventor 2013  FEA lessons on DVD

About Your Trainer

Nick Bouray  has been involved with every aspect of engineering in the manufacturing field, from completing drawings on custom jobs to product development. As a top CAD Expert, he brings years of expertise to our Inventor FEA 2013 course.

Inventor 2013 FEA - Finite Element Analysis Training Course Outline


  • Comprehending FEA
  • Create a Simulation
  • FEA User Interface
  • FEA Analysis
  • File Structure
  • Assigning Materials
  • Material Libraries
  • Applying Constraints
  • Basic Loads
  • Advanced Loads
  • Prescribed Displacements
  • Creating a Mesh
  • Simulations
  • Stress Plots
  • Displacement Plots
  • Safety Factor
  • Maximum and Minimum Results
  • Probing Results
  • Animating Results
  • Configuring Display Settings
  • Reports
  • Copying a Simulation

Refining a Simulation

  • Stress Concentrations
  • Mesh Size
  • Local Mesh Size
  • Convergence Plots
  • Boundary Condition Effects
  • Simplifying Geometry
  • Symmetric Models
  • Editing a Model
  • Parametric Analysis

Assembly Analysis

  • Analyzing Assemblies
  • Defining Automatic and Manual Contacts
  • Contact Types
  • Utilizing Representations in Analysis
  • Assembly Analysis

Thin Parts

  • Shell Analysis
  • Analyzing Thin Parts
  • Mid and Offset Surfaces
  • Shell and Solid Elements to Analyze Assemblies

Modal Analysis

  • Understanding Modal Analysis
  • Setting Up a Modal Analysis
  • Interpret Modal Analysis Results

Advanced Analysis

  • Frame Analysis
  • Defining Constraints
  • Applying Loads
  • Defining Connections
  • Viewing Results


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AutoCAD Inventor 2013 FEA Training DVD
Course Outline

2.5 Hours of Training on 2 DVDs
48  Individual Lessons, plus Exercise Files Included

DVD Course
(item # 4dinv13fea)

Sale price: $95.00


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